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Boarding Services


Endeavor Farm is located on 185 rolling acres in Woodford County along the iconic Old Frankfort Pike. We accommodate both year-round and seasonal boarders and offer sales prep/consignment and lay-up services to our clients. We enjoy having a variety of clients from all over the country with varying numbers in their stable size.  The well-being and care of the horse are always our top priority, whether you own one or many. Your success in this industry is our endeavor, and we strive to provide you with the best opportunities.

  • Pastures – We believe that horses are happiest and develop best when outside and grazing on the quality grasses of Central Kentucky, so pasture management is something we put a lot of effort into. We rely on the University of Kentucky’s Horse Pasture Evaluation Program to provide us with scientific data and advise us on the best times to seed, fertilize, and apply herbicide. Appropriately managing the grasses allows our equine residents to flourish and get the most out of the pastures.

  • Quality Feed and Hay – With an equine nutrition background in our management team, we can curtail diets for each individual horse’s needs to ensure proper nutrient intake is met for each stage of the developing and mature horse’s life. We feed complete feed from Hallway Feeds along with providing quality hays (both Western Alfalfa and alfalfa/grass mix) from Washington Hay Company.

  • Veterinary and Farrier Care – The farm employs the services of the world-renowned equine hospital Rood and Riddle. We have daily visits from our farm ambulatory veterinarian, Dr. Brad Tanner, and have direct access to the skilled internal medicine, podiatry, and surgical practitioners employed by the hospital. Our farrier, Robbie Lunsford, has 30+ years of blacksmithing experience in Central Kentucky under his belt.

  • Client Relations and Communication – Owning a Thoroughbred is an adventure and one we want our clients to be thrilled about every day. Making sure clients are involved and up to date on their horses’ progress and well-being is important to us. We enjoy updating clients with news about their horses and keeping them in the loop on how they are doing. Having clients feel involved with their animals and welcomed at the farm is our goal. We encourage our clients to visit the farm anytime and have two guest suites located on the premises so clients can stay at their leisure.

  • Facilities – Endeavor Farm is comprised of 185 acres with 5 barns and 85 stalls, with six large fields and 27 small to medium-sized paddocks. We have large, heated foaling stalls. The farm is conveniently situated with a quick, 15-minute drive to Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, Keeneland, and most major stallion breeding farms. Our retired stallion barn has been retrofitted for sales prep purposes, with the indoor breeding area making an excellent place to handwalk and lunge yearlings. We have a 6-stall Kraft Walker along with a round pen.

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