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Sales Services


Endeavor Farm began its sales consignment at a public auction in 2018. Our goal was, and is to this day, to provide our clients with the finest of consignment services. We achieve this goal by providing meticulous attention to detail during sales preparation and professionally representing the horse at the sales ground. At Endeavor, your horse is never just another hip number. We are committed to the entire process of selling a Thoroughbred by being hands-on from the earliest stages until the hammer drops. We currently focus on representing yearlings, weanlings, racehorses, and breeding stock at the Central Kentucky auction houses, Keeneland and Fasig-Tipton. We recognize the importance of helping our clients, and thus their horses, achieve distinction at all levels. We cater to local clients as well as out-of-state clients participating in regional breeding programs. 

We believe that top-notch sales preparation helps achieve top-notch results.  While standing stallions is a thing of the past on the property Endeavor is situated on, it has blessed us with an outstanding facility to prepare weanlings and yearlings. With over a dozen small to medium size paddocks and large, well-ventilated stalls to house them, the stallion barn set up has been easily converted into the central area of sales preparation. A 6-stall, covered Kraft Horse Walker was built just feet away from the barn in 2014. The Kraft Horse Walker, along with field hand-walking, is employed to help develop both the skeletal and muscular systems of the young and growing horses. The breeding shed has been turned into a both a practice show ring as well as an area for lunging and round-pen work. The farm is conveniently located close enough that we are also able to take horses to swim at KESMARC. Each horse matures and develops differently and it is important to cater to those differences so each horse can reach its maximum potential. Daily grooming, bathing, and handling, along with a solid routine, helps the horses prepare for the rigors of the sales grounds and ring.

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